UFO Sighting in Livermore, California on October 22, 2004

Case #: 114428


I drove my car north on mines road in livermore california. sky was a little dark. time was exactly 2 p.M. exactly. coco's restaurant was due west, as i was less than 300 feet from the intersection with mines road and first street. i was in the right hand lane. speed of car 25 mph. i looked left at the restaurant. the top half of the restaurant disassembled as in small blocks, a foot or so wide, half that tall, rapidly, instantly. they just disappeared left to right, row by row, until the event stopped halfway down the restaurant side. it was only as wide as the restaurant. i expected to see the apartment complex which was behind the restaurant. instead, i saw a portal into an unknown place, a beaucolic setting with grasslands and pasture, trees here and there, but no mt. diablo. it was another place, perhaps another time, as well. there was a flash, a split second after disassembly, and it went back up, reconstructed, right to left, bottom to top, row by row. i later regressed myself to find out what happened. i was gone for 27 years. i went to another world, to a twilight world with a strange plateau. it was a black obsidian plateau studded here and there with rocky unfinished obsidianite boulders. there was a bronzish temple at the end of the plateau. i looked up, and was a dazzling field of stars, but it was not earth. it was unrecognizable. i found i was naked. and, i was approached by three female beings, one a relative from 25 generations in the future. they dressed me in a u-2 flight suit taken off the body of u-2 pilot whose plane was falling through the sky after getting hit with a missile. it had a triangular face mask on the helmet. they provided an oxygen bottle. and after a discussion, thy took me to the temple, which had an orifice on top, and a space pod sitting at the base of the temple. they put me in it, with one of them behind me, for reassurance. the pod lid closed. there was a cockpit. and it had an advanced hud the likes of which even the air force does not have. it was a multicolored display with instant readouts. the pod lifted off, though the orifice, and we flew into a faster than light dimension where you could see everything passing you real time. it was a dimension without matter, and the restriction was a maximum speed of 3.34 parsecs per second, without having to do time travel. the tunnel i had gone through to get to that planet was a time/space tunnel. the journey was quick and brutal on the body. they flew me to a glory hole at high speed. we slowed and took a look. the place of star birthing as seen by hubble, only another place. needless to say, it was spectacular. the galaxy went by like a trip through the country, with millions of stars passing by every few seconds. we were on the outer perimeter. a computer controlled the flight path. the thing rattled and shook as it made rapid maneuvers. we were not in any kind of tunnel or vortex. it was clear and free. they took me through a nebula to a place called the hidden planets. about 12 planets, all inhabited, all orbiting a stable star.A civilization. i got to see all kinds of things, and advances, on those planets. then they took me to shivulva, the center of all time space and existence. it has a spindle there, coming our of a sea of light,,that holds up and rotates the universe. i met the lord of shivulva, who owns this existence. he was friendly, incorporeal, and lived in the sea of light. i had been educated for 27 years prior to that. we spoke, this lord and i. then, they returned me to the obsidian plateau planet, gave me a forget this for a while drink, and they also gave me a rejuvenation drink. today, my brothers look like they're on death's door, and i look 40. no gray hair. i'm over sixty.They told me, unless you become a bodybuilder, that is, unless you get into great physical shape, if we have to bring you back through the time space portal again, it will kill you. get in better shape. since then, i did. i'm a technologist. i saw a lot of technology over there. and, they showed me the inside of a working plasma reactor. clean energy, and lots of it, enough for a planet to run on. that, and other things. they told me the trip back would give me vertigo, and that i would get over it. four months after this event, i got vertigo, out of the blue. and i was trained how to beat it. a year later, no more vertigo. vertigo is an effect of time space travel, it's super rough. it'll bang your brain some. it stresses your circulatory system as well. i was told i was amashukkah's descendant. she gave a very old jared his son, enoch. he died soon after, and the tribe took him away, and sent her off back to bam, her home town of parsi people. she had been sold to jared as a virgin. she was beautiful. they gave her her silver bridal demand, 1,500 pieces of silver. she returned to bam and met anushamahah, an aryan hindu sorcerer of the light, married him, and gave him three daughters. one of them was jiddah, my ancestor. none of them were jewish. so, i'm not a semite, and my god isn't jehovah. it's the lord of light who lives in shivulva. i've been abducted many times, never mistreated, always examined, and spoken with in psi. some beings are human like, others robotic, none of them hostile or harmful. many of them are kind. some of the ships are huge sphere ships. i'd say ten football fields across. the corridors are long and slowly curving in those vessels. they put you in a horizontal dental chair with the back flipped up a bit. and they can flash feed you information through your eyes. a beam shines into your eyes to fill you in on things to know. animals get abused on abductions. since i'm not an animal, they don't abuse me. that's all i know. i'm like edgar cayce, but not a hick. i have an engineering mind, and it's visual, and they know that. they knew right where to abduct me, and exactly when, on that october day. a time tunnel is trouble, but deep space travel is rather okay. it wasn't like the film contact, not at all. but it was super fast transit in a pod. you can see out the cockpit windscreen and watch everything pass by realtime, so it's not like lucas and hyperspace, he got that wrong. and einstein got it wrong, too, faster than light travel is easily attainable, and there's no compression in the matterless dimension. you have to go through it if you don't want to hit anything solid, even dust. at those speeds, the dimension of matter will blow you to smithereens with a speck of dust. that's why they use it. my title here is the oracle of yord, and i'm trans-islamic and psychic. and they told me i was a king. they told me what was coming, and that we would survive this time/era all right, if we're smart. that's the best i can do for you at this point.

United States of America


A time space portal opened over coco's restaurant, then closed a moment later
2019-10-06 18:56
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21-100 Feet
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