Here at Inside Truth we believe in sharing data openly and honestly. We don't draw a conclusion on any of the incidents on Inside Truth, we leave that up to individuals themselves.

Inside Truth doesn't take ownership or credit for the reports displayed on the Inside Truth website, the data is displayed as closely as possible to the original format it's retrieved in, some changes need to be made to remove personally identifiable information or to correct data for display purposes.

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Some acknowledgements as the database would not be possible without the amazing work of other groups and individuals.

*U* Database - Larry Hatch

The first thanks obviously goes to Larry Hatch and the invaluable work Larry put into the *U* Database really shows in the data he collected over the years and we are most grateful this resource will live on.

Further thanks to the many contributors for their time and effort in figuring out how to bring the *U* Database into the modern world, most notably, EvillerBob, nablator, harpysounds, javarome and Isaac Koi. A special thank you to Isaac Koi for getting permission from Larry's nephew to share Larry's work and allow it to live on for future generations.

The original database was approximately 16.8mb in size. All records in the database that originated from the *U* Database are tagged with reference to the *U* Database.